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Coming off a big win in the Billy Penn 2018 Ultimate Philly Food Truck championship, Stuff’d Buns has been busy slangin’ their sliders all over the Philly area. After the final head-to-head battle against Dump-N-Roll (I’m still trying to hunt this truck down to try it), Philly voters selected Stuff’d Buns as their ultimate favorite, and these two hard working ladies triumphed despite being a fairly new truck on the scene. They just celebrated their first year of slider sales in July. I was beyond excited to try out their selections.


On this particular day, my husband and I had a date night at Wissahickon Brewing Company, a great beer spot that has rotating food trucks that grace the premises to allow hungry beer drinkers to try local mobile fare. On this particularly hot evening, one lady stood outside taking orders while the two food truck owners were inside the blazing hot truck pumping out one order after another. The lady informed me that “her girls” were her granddaughters, and they have been exceptionally busy.

The great thing about sliders is you can sample many different items from the truck. I ordered the three meat sliders for myself (shrimp, Spanish chicken, and cheeseburger) and two “buff shrimp” and one bacon cheeseburger slider for my husband.All of the sliders come with a side of chips to accompany the sandwiches. They also had a veggie version for the vegetarians. It also sounded tasty with a housemade veggie burger patty, topped with onions, mushrooms, and spicy mayo. But I was in a meat-eating mood. (The veggie burger must have been good though, because someone came up a second time to order more of them after he finished his first round).



Buff Shrimp slider


The “buff shrimp” was a a shrimp slider with buffalo sauce, ranch, and crumbly blue cheese. A little bit of heat, a little bit of creaminess, and a great way to start.

Next, the Spanish chicken, with pulled chicken, cilantro lime slaw, and plantains. The chicken was smoky and full of flavor, complemented nicely with a tangy slaw and two large pieces of plantain.



Spanish Chicken slider

But my favorite by far was the burger slider. The burger was juicy and perfectly seasoned, with fried onions, bacon, and spicy mayo. To be honest, I don’t even know if it needed the bacon! The burger itself was so juicy, with the crunch of the onions and the spice of the mayo. I’m the type of person who likes to save the best for last, so I was happy I ate this one last. I even ate all of the chips before I finished this slider.




Bacon cheeseburger slider

The Verdict? These gals have something special going on in this truck, and I’m happy to see them succeeding because it is obvious they do love what they are doing. You can taste the love they put into their food, and their cheerful demeanor even in the blazing sun and the avalanche of orders shows that they’ll be in business for a long time!

Location: Various locations around the area. They are fairly active on social media, and the schedule is usually posted on Twitter or Instagram

Pay:  Credit or Cash

Delivery: They cater events

Cuisine: Slider sandwiches

What I tried: Buff Shrimp, Spanish Chicken, Bacon Cheeseburger

Email: stuffdbuns@gmail.com

Phone: (856) 906-9739

Website: https://stuffdbuns.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stuffdbuns

Twitter: @stuffdbuns

Instagram: @stuffdbuns