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Deke’s BBQ graced our presence at Wissahickon Brewing Company, so I headed over to check out their offerings. From my brief research (that is, drooling over their photos on their Facebook page), I quickly learned that their Brisket Cheesesteak was their specialty. Their take on Philadelphia’s iconic sandwich included their tender smoked brisket with BBQ and cheese sauce. I read that it was the #1 on Thrillist’s Top 50 things to eat in Philadelphia before you die. As we approached the truck, my husband saw the many signs for the brisket cheesesteak and decided to order it.

I decided to order the rib platter, so I could showcase more items in this blog. Let me tell you folks, I took one for the team here. I’m not saying the ribs were not good. They were delicious, fall of the bone pork ribs, served on top of a bed of crunchy fries, a nice cube of cornbread, and a tiny cup of refreshing coleslaw. There were four ribs and I ended up having leftovers because the portion was so generous.


But the brisket was heavenly.

My husband said that it was the perfect cheesesteak and would change nothing about it. Served on Liscio bread rolls, the smoky flavor of the brisket was so tender it nearly melted in your mouth. The cheese sauce was silky but not too heavy. The crunch of the fried onions gave both flavor and texture. It might have been the best cheesesteak I’ve had. And I only got one bite! Next time this truck’s around, I’m getting one for myself.

One other item that sounded great was the Texas Mud fries, which included a brisket chili and cheese sauce over fries. That sounds heavier, but still amazing!

Brisket Cheesesteak

Brisket Cheesesteak

The menu was full of a lot of other tasty looking items, but seriously, get the cheesesteak, or anything with the brisket. Yum.


Location: Various locations around the area. They have a takeout store at 4901 Ridge Avenue

Pay:  Credit or Cash

Cuisine: Barbecue

What I tried: Rib Platter, Brisket Cheesesteak

Website: www.dekesbar-b-que.com

Phone: (215) 588-7427

Email: deke@dekesbar-b-que.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dekesbbq/

Instagram: @dekesbbq

Twitter: @DekesBBQ