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Burritos and Tacos Truck

Update: They named the truck El Guero Mexican Food Truck, so I am updating the title of this article. They appear to be doing really well, there is now always a line when I go there for lunch.

There’s a new taco truck on the Temple University campus, and they are serving up some delicious, authentic Mexican eats! I first visited this truck several weeks ago, and since then I have been back FOUR times. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. Because I have visited so many times I have a lot to share about this much welcomed new addition to the Temple food truck community.

Burritos & Tacos menu

When I asked what the name of the food truck is, the lady told me they didn’t really have a name, so I am using the name of the banner they have flying outside their truck. I suppose if you have excellent food, you don’t need a catchy or clever name because the food speaks for itself.

For my first visit, I decided to try the al pastor burrito. Burritos come with your choice of meat rolled in a tortilla with rice, black beans, lettuce, and cheese. You also receive a side of sour cream, and both red and green salsa. This burrito was massive and I was only able to eat half of it. I saved the other half for lunch the next day. The al pastor was tender but had crispy ends, and there was a generous portion of pork inside. The salsa was spicy but not overwhelming. For the size, the price of $8 was very affordable since I got 2 meals out of it.

Fish tacos

On my next visit, I decided to try some tacos. I picked fish tacos to change it up and I was very surprised with I opened the box to see Baja fish tacos with avocado inside. They were served with julienned radish and pickled red cabbage along with the sliced avocado. The fish was perfectly cooked and crispy and the creamy avocado complemented the dish well. Overall, this was one of my favorite things I tried.

Chicken quesadilla

I was feeling slightly less hungry on my next visit, so I opted for a chicken quesadilla. The chicken was tender and cooked in achiote and other spices, and the tortilla griddled to perfection with melted cheese inside. It came with a small side salad of romaine, tomato, and cucumber. At first, at $7 I thought this was a little expensive, but I was full after eating it so looks may have been deceiving!

Al Pastor tacos

On my most recent visit, I tried the al pastor tacos (although after ordering I realized I probably should have gotten carnitas so the review is more complete… but I am a sucker for al pastor so it was my first inclination to order it. The al pastor was once again cooked to perfection and had small bits of fresh pineapple sprinkled on top, along with onions and cilantro. At $7 for three tacos, this is a great deal.

The truck also has nachos and salads to try. Some of the other filling choices include steak served with cactus salad (nopalitos), carnitas, and mushrooms. Drinks include bottles of Mexican coke, Jarritos, bottled water, and a variety of canned sodas.

Location: On Montgomery Avenue next to Temple’s Student Center (between 12th and 13th streets)

Pay:  Cash Only

Cuisine: Mexican food

Delivery: No

What I tried: Al Pastor Tacos, Al Pastor Burrito, Fish Tacos, and Chicken Quesadilla