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Since this year was filled with a great mix of food trucks, I decided to award those that stood out for me this year! The full list of Munchie awards are below.

Most Inspiring Award

Most Inspiring: Four Brothers Loco Flavor

The Most Inspiring award goes to 4 Brothers Loco Flavor for the creative twists on Latin fare that coaxed me back into writing the blog after I only posted 2 reviews in 2017. They are doing some exciting stuff like plantain cups filled with shrimp and topped with mango salsa, or the plantain burger where the bun is a fried plantain.

Read my review here: https://mobilemunchiesphilly.com/2018/04/13/4brothers-loco-flavor-updated-review/

Simply Delicious Award

Simply Delicious: The Chilly Banana

The Chilly Banana with their amazing (vegan) banana whips! I’m giving them the “Simply Delicious” award for something so simple – it’s literally just frozen bananas whipped into a creamy dessert – with delicious toppings like the Choco PB Crunch shown in this photo!

To read my full review, go to: mobilemunchiesphilly.com/2018/07/20/the-chilly-banana/

Most Surprising Award

Most Surprising: Stuff’d Buns

Stuff’d Buns wins this Munchie Award. At first I wasn’t expecting much from a slider truck until I realized that there was an opportunity to try a few different kinds with their mix-and-match selections. Once I tasted them I realized, these sliders were amazing! 

Juicy bacon burgers, Spanish Chicken with plantains, and buffalo shrimp tossed in a spicy sauce, drizzled with creamy ranch and crumbled blue cheese are just a few of their offerings. One of my favorite finds of 2018!

Check out my review of this truck at https://mobilemunchiesphilly.com/2018/08/13/stuffd-buns

Nicest Platings Award

Nicest Platings: Hawker

This Munchie award goes to Hawker for Nicest Platings. You wouldn’t expect a food truck to deliver its meals in an artistic manner, but Hawker displays the tasty Asian ingredients in a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing way. This was one of my favorite meals I’ve had writing the blog so far!

Read my review here: https://mobilemunchiesphilly.com/2018/12/03/hawker-east-inspired-eats

Best Thing I Ate for the Blog

Best Thing I Ate: Deke’s BBQ

This Munchie award goes to Deke’s BBQ for Best Meal from a Food Truck in 2018! I still dream about this brisket cheesesteak with tender smoky brisket and housemade cheese sauce. It’s the best thing I ate for the blog in 2018. Maybe ever!

Read my review here: https://mobilemunchiesphilly.com/2018/10/15/dekes-bbq/

Most Popular Post of 2018

Most Popular Post of 2018: Honey Truck

The Munchie award for Most Popular post of 2018 goes to Honey Truck by a landslide! This post gets viewed a few times every day, and rightfully so with this incredible fried chicken wrap.

Check out my review of Honey Truck here: https://mobilemunchiesphilly.com/2018/05/21/honey-truck/