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Schmear It food truck

It’s rare that I’m in the area early enough to grab a bagel from the Schmear It truck, which parks on select mornings at The Porch, but my husband and I were headed out of town at 30th Street Station and needed a quick breakfast, so we got there early to try these fancy bagels. They have a large selection of combinations, where you can customize the type of bagel, spread, and toppings. We opted to go for a couple of their special combinations rather than make our own, but now that I have their menu I’d be interested to switch up some of the flavors!

The other great thing about Schmear It bagel truck is their commitment to charity work. A portion of their proceeds goes to a selected charity as a donation. The month we visited was in April (I know, I know, I’m backlogged on these reviews and just catching up!). April was National Autism Month, so the charity of their choice was the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute. (The charity for May 2019 is Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They had this nice signboard with info about the institute to peruse while waiting for your order:

Now on to the bagels! My husband was as usual in a spicy mood, so he opted for the Dragon special bagel, which has jalapeños, red peppers, scallions, and walnuts on it. He had his on an onion bagel, which he said complemented the flavors perfectly. He also liked the textural crunch that the walnuts provided.

Dragon bagel

I was more in the mood for something sweet, so I got the Nutty Naner special on a French Toast bagel. This sweet concoction included nutella, peanut butter, and bananas for a perfect combination of salty and sweet. I washed mine down with an iced coffee sweetened with their housemade brown sugar cream.

Nutty Naner bagel
Iced Coffee

Other spreads and toppings they have include hummus, tuna salad, egg salad, whitefish salad, lite cream cheese, vegan cream cheese, butter, Nutella, and peanut butter. They have a ton of veggie and fruit mix-ins as well as lox.

For a better view of their menu, check out https://www.schmearit.com/menu

Of the items listed on their specials menu, they have a Philly Roll which mimics the sushi item, with lox, cream cheese, wasabi, cucumbers, and soy sauce. The veggie delight also sounds amazing with all those crunchy fresh vegetables, and can be made with hummus instead of cream cheese. For those with a sweet tooth, the stuffed french toast bagel with strawberries, bananas, maple syrup, cream cheese, walnuts, and cinnamon sounds like a perfect match for the french toast bagel.

Location: Various locations around the area. Brick & mortar store at 3601 Market Street. Check out their website for a full list of locations.

Pay:  Credit or Cash

Cuisine: Bagels with various toppings and spreads

Delivery: They do catering. Email them at catering@schmearit.com

Email: schmearit@gmail.com

What I tried: The Dragon bagel, The Nutty Naner bagel, Iced Coffee with housemade brown sugar cream

Phone:  (215) 792-3892


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SchmearIt/

Twitter: @schmearit

Instagram: @schmear it