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Little Lulu Cafe truck

The weather is warm and that means food trucks are back out in force! I made my trek out to The Porch at 30th to find the Lulu Cafe truck parked there. I remember seeing this truck parked on Temple’s campus back when we had the Royal Tea Truck also parked nearby, but alas now both have left us. This is mostly a bubble tea truck specializing in all kinds of fancy flavors, but I was happy to see they had some lunch items available as well.

Bento box options

I decided to get a bento box. They have 2 options: one has braised pork belly with a tea-soaked egg, veggies, and rice for $10; the second option has all of the above and is topped with a crispy chicken filet for $15. I decided to splurge and get option #2. The chicken was hot and crunchy and was accompanied by some green beans, pickled carrots, and pickled daikon. There were also some super tender bits of pork belly. Everything was super tasty and filling. Their website also says they serve halal, antibiotic free chicken! Score!

Chicken Filet bento box

For a drink, I perused their huge menu of tea items and decided to order one of their specialty drinks, the Milky Way. This is a dark brown sugar black tea drink with salted cream on top and tapioca pearls (boba). When it comes out, it looks like the photo below, but you are instructed to mix it all up before drinking. It tastes like a salted caramel tea drink! It was totally delicious although a tad steep at $6.25 for a 16 oz drink. Most of their other selections are in the $4 to $5 range depending on size and type of drink.

Milky Way

For a full menu of drinks, check out the photo below!

Drink menu

For my next visit, I tried a simpler drink, the almond milk tea for $4.50. It had a nice subtle almond flavor. You can get the drink with boba for $4.50 or without boba with $4. I was in the mood for bubbles and these were soft and chewy, just how I like them.

Almond milk tea with boba

It appears they have a brick & mortar location in University City at 4508 Walnut Street where you can also enjoy their snacks and drinks! When I return I’d like to try the sweet potato fries with dried plum seasonings. The dog Lulu, whom the truck and shop are named after, can often be seen lounging in the store, so you have an added bonus of meeting the lovely French bulldog that adorns their cups and all of their merchandise if you visit the store. I was also given a stamp card on my second visit, buy 10 teas and get one free!

Location: Various locations around the area. Brick & mortar store at 4508 Walnut Street

Pay:  Credit or Cash

Cuisine: Taiwanese snacks and bubble teas

Delivery: They appear to do UberEats deliveries. Search for them on the app!

What I tried: Milky Way boba tea, almond milk boba tea, Bento box with chicken filet

Phone:  (215) 222-6688


Facebook: Lulu Cafe

Twitter: @lulucafeusa

Instagram: @lulukingdomlulucafe