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Dump N Roll truck

I was told about this truck by several of my readers as well as friends, so I have been on the lookout for them for some time now, and finally caught up with them this month at The Porch. I love that this truck has so many different items and combo platters where you can try so many of them at once! It is also a very popular truck, there was a line but it was definitely worth the wait.

Menu. For a more readable version, check out https://www.dumpnroll.com/menu/

During my visit, I opted to do the single sampler platter which comes with 6 dumplings, 1 roll, and a side. Today the side was smoked truffle fries. Yum! I am a meat eater so I didn’t make any selections and just let them choose which assorted dumplings would go in my meal. The problem is, I’m not really sure which was which, I was only sure of the “Holy Phuc Wonton” which is a specialty dumpling, tempura turkey bacon cheeseburger wonton. I am told this has won awards. It comes it a nice side of bourbon BBQ sauce for dipping.

In fact, there was a large assortment of sauces for dipping, including a self-serve jug of soy garlic sauce for the traditional dumplings, which I added to the plethora of sauces already included in the box.

Single Sampler Platter $14

The fries came were topped with parmesan shreds and had a roasted garlic aioli dipping sauce. Below I have photos of each of the dumplings and the roll. I believe the top left is pork, the middle is chicken, and the right is veggie (with glass noodles and exotic mushrooms). The bottom left is definitely the turkey cheeseburger tempura, and I’m not sure what the roll is, I think it was a traditional style spring roll to dip in the sweet chili sauce. I was quite surprised by this one because I thought I would get what was on the menu, which as a mac & cheese roll, so imagine my surprise when I bit into it and there was Asian flavors instead of cheese!

Overall, every dumpling and roll was delicious and the whole platter was super filling. After perusing their menu, I will definitely be back to hopefully try their crabbygoons, their take on the crab rangoon dumpling, served with a caramelized mango nectar sauce. The Polish pierogi with potato and cheese served with a spiced sour cream also sounds delicious.
Check out all of their selections on their online menu!

Location: Various locations around the area. Check their webpage for location updates, they have a full schedule listing on the events page.

Pay:  Credit or Cash

Delivery: They cater events

Cuisine: Dumplings and rolls of all kinds

What I tried: Chick-A-Palooza, Infamous Piggy, Veggies in Heaven, Smoked Truffle Fries, Traditional Spring Roll with accompanying sauces


Phone:  (215) 833-8269

Website: https://www.dumpnroll.com/


Twitter: @dumpnroll215

Instagram: @dumpnroll