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Slurp food truck specializes in made-from-scratch ramen, accompanied by Korean fried chicken and Asian-inspired tacos. Slurp owners boast that their ramen broth simmers for days, and I can attest that the flavor definitely packs a punch. On a cold, rainy night when soup sounded like a perfect end to a long day, I gathered a couple of friends to try out this truck.

Location: Various locations around the area. They frequent Love City several times a month. Check their Instagram for dates.

Pay:  Credit or Cash

Catering: Weddings, Block parties, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Food Truck Festivals.

Cuisine: Ramen and Asian-inspired snacks

What we tried: Thai Coconut Curry Ramen, Chicken Banh Mi, Dynamite Shrimp tacos

Phone: 267-870-1709

Email: slurpphilly@gmail.com

Website: https://www.slurpphilly.com

Instagram:  @slurpphillyfoodtruckT

From what I could find in my internet search, the Slurp food truck is fairly new on the scene. I couldn’t find a Twitter or Facebook page, and their first Instagram post is dated in September 2017, so the truck has only been around for about a year. But since opening, they have been stopping at all the local hot spots, from the Navy Yard to various festivals, to touring around the breweries in the area, including the new one in King of Prussia, Workhorse Brewing Company (which I have not yet visited, since it barely opened just two months ago!).

Normally I am a tonkatsu or miso ramen kind of gal, but craving something hearty (and meaty) after the recent cold nights, I eyed the menu and fixated on the Thai Curry Coconut ramen. I could also feel what would become a nasty cold coming on, so I figured a little bit of heat and spice could be a good thing. However, I made the mistake of ordering what turned out to be a spicy cocktail from the bar too, so needless to say I was running for the free water cooler several times during this meal.

Had I been more daring, I might have opted for the Dan Dan Ramen, with pork, chili oil and tatsoi greens, peanut, scallion, and egg, but I knew not to go overboard, even with my sniffles and cough. I settled in with my soup as my husband quickly engulfed his Chicken Banh Mi sandwich with pickled veggies and jalapeno sriracha aioli. I also ordered a couple of shrimp tempura dynamite tacos. A friend followed my lead and ordered the Thai ramen as well.

Silence descended on our table as we stuffed our faces with the feast of spicy and tasty treats. While the more seasoned folks commented that the ramen had “kick,” I sweated over my bowl, with my cayenne pepper drink not doing much to subside the waves of heat. While I couldn’t discern any coconut flavor, the broth was full of umami, each bite of veggie or chicken immersed in the rich soup. A nice surprise was the soft-poached egg and the sprinkling of black sesame seeds to complete the comforting meal. My dinner twin commented that it had just the right amount of heat. Despite being right on the edge of my spice tolerance, I could not stop eating.

The tacos had a light airy crunch with a drizzle of spicy, creamy sauce sitting atop Korean rice and a crisp slaw. They were each a sizeable portion and I was delightfully full after eating it. My husband enjoyed his banh mi with its crusty baguette, spicy chicken, and refreshing acid bite of pickled carrot and daikon. The sandwich came with a small bag of Doritos, which he noted took an edge off of the heat from the banh mi.

Being a sucker for Chicken Wings, on my next visit I hope to try the Soy Ginger Garlic Korean Fried Wings. I’d also love to try their tonkatsu ramen which was not offered the night I visited, but sounds delicious with its enoki mushrooms, pork, wakame, and poached egg. For the vegetarians, the Miso Ramen also sounds delicious.

I have a poll going on right now on the Mobile Munchies Philly Facebook page, and to my dismay, ramen is losing out to pho in the battle of Asian soups. Being #TeamRamen, this is quite distressing and we need your help tipping the scales. Check us out and give us a ramen vote, (or a pho vote if you swing that way) and while you’re at it, like our page to get more updates on Philly food truck action!