Ever since I stepped foot on Temple University’s campus, I’ve been overwhelmed with the food truck choices. I looked on Google to see if there’s any comprehensive guide to the food trucks but could not find one! I missed writing for a food review blog, so I thought, why not start one?

In 2018, I began expanding the blog due to increased demand from my readers! I now review any food trucks in the Philadelphia area that I come across. I try to include important information such as prices, whether they take cash or credit, phone numbers for advance orders, best items I’ve tried, photos of food and menus, and anything else I can. I hope this blog will become an extensive guide to food truck dining in Philadelphia!

Have a suggestion on a spot that I missed or an item you loved at a place I reviewed? Please feel free to send me a message at deann@mobilemunchiesphilly.com.

Also, for those of you who like to cook, check out my other blog, Delicious Dilemmas, where I share my favorite recipes.

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