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I have extremely limited knowledge of Korean food, I have only tried Bibimbap, lettuce wraps, and bulgogi. As I got into the line, I planned on getting the bulgogi, but everyone in line before me was ordering the Chicken BBQ or Pork BBQ, so I decided I should try it too.

Here’s where I remind you that I am a spice wuss. Only recently have I tried to delve into the world of chiles. I have stepped up from ordering everything mild to now ordering everything medium, so I’m getting there. When I ordered the Chicken BBQ, I was not expecting chicken marinated and cooked in a sauce of red chiles. Guess I should have done some research first.

The chicken was super tender with onions and scallions, served with a small salad and a side of kimchi. I was grateful for the salad because it was bright and refreshing. The spiciness made my eyes water and cleared my sinuses. Still, I powered through. It tasted like red chiles, and really nothing else.

Prices were good and food came out pretty fast considering the long line. Next time… bulgogi, or maybe one of the Japanese dishes, and I’ll report back with part two of this review in another post, after I try something more to my taste.

For the vegetarians, most items are available with tofu, as well as veggie dumplings and a vegetarian rice platter, available with either white or brown rice.

Location: Corner of 13th and Montgomery, next to the Student Center

Phone number: 267-471-8702 or 267-471-8712, no phone calls between 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Pay: Cash only

Cuisine: Korean BBQ

What I tried: Chicken BBQ

Delivery: No

Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/cha-cha-philadelphia