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The first time I ate lunch on Temple’s campus, I visited this truck and ordered the pork with salsa verde and an order of chips & guacamole. I remember the chips were a bit stale and hard, so I just put the guacamole on my tacos. Delicious! However, a bit pricey at around $10 for 2 tacos and guac and a drink, compared to other trucks nearby. Most trucks on campus are closer to $5 and a lot of them give a free can of soda with a $5 purchase.

This time I tried the chicken mole tacos and skipped the guac. I also ordered a can of coke to drink. Now according to the menu board, the 2 tacos were $5.50 and the soda was 75 cents. For some reason I was charged $6.75. No big deal, I was going to tip her the change anyway, but either the board is wrong or tax isn’t included, which is not the norm for most of the trucks on campus. Anyway, it was only 50 cents.


On to the food… the chicken mole tacos were chock full of smoky flavor, the salsa roja was spicy but not too overwhelming, and there was just enough cilantro, onions, and queso fresco on top. The tortillas tasted homemade. I still felt a bit hungry after I finished eating.


Overall I think the food is delicious and tastes like authentic Mexican fare, but compared to the Mexican Grill Stand (which boasts 3 tacos for $6) it is a tad expensive. Still, I think I’ll come back to El Guaco Loco for a burrito sometime, that would probably fill me up better. Or even breakfast. I like the idea of eggs, potatoes, and bacon in burrito form.


Here’s the deets:

Location: Parked on 12th and Norris

Phone number: 484-998-8226

Pay: Cash or Credit

Cuisine: Mexican

What I tried: Chicken Mole tacos, Pork Chile Verde tacos, Chips & guacamole

Delivery: This truck uses Habitat for their food delivery service. Use the code POSTERLOVE for free delivery.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElGuacoLoco