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Would you look at the size of these tacos?! I was shocked as I opened up my container to find these huge chicken tacos, topped with pickled onions and sweet red chili sauce, seated on a bed of lettuce, encased in a flour tortilla.  I could only finish two of them. Chop Chop is a Vietnamese food truck that serves tacos, banh mi, and rice platters in your choice of chicken or pork. For vegetarians, they have tofu served as banh mi or as a rice platter.

The three huge tacos sell for $6 in any of these flavors. Banh mi are $4.50 and rice platters are $6.50. Every order comes with a free can of soda or bottle of water. They run several rotating specials written on neon lit boards. They also offer several types of hot tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

On another visit to Chop Chop, I tried a pork and rice platter. The portion size was also sizeable. It was served with a nice salad with cucumber and tomato and dressed in a vinaigrette.


My only complaint is that it is fairly obvious that the meats are being reheated, and have lost some of their natural juiciness. The chicken tacos were bordering on dry. Thankfully the toppings helped. I must also note that I visited the truck before spring semester officially starts, so it is possible the meat tastes fresher when it is busier. The pork platter was my favorite of the two dishes I tried.

Location: The big red truck in front of Alter Hall on Montgomery between Broad and Liacouras Walk, next to the Bagel Hut

Phone number: 215-765-3435

Pay: Cash only

Cuisine: Vietnamese

What I tried: Chicken tacos, Pork and rice platter

Delivery: No