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I have had so many people recommend the crepe truck to me, I finally ventured over to 12th and Norris to try one. I was amazed at the number of combinations available! The Creperie truck lived up to its reputation, with quality ingredients. You could probably eat here everyday for a month and not get have the same thing twice. You can change up toppings and sauces, meats and veggies, and cheeses.

Location: In front of the Tyler School of Art building on 12th and Norris

Phone number: (215) 778-4771

Pay: Cash or Credit

Cuisine: French

What I tried: Sirloin with blue cheese, all veggies; Peach, strawberry, and caramel

Delivery: No

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crepetruck/

So let’s first talk about the menus. They have a ton of combinations, but you can also customize and pick and choose what meats or veggies you want included. The crepes batter can be plain or herb. For the herb, they simply shake some dried herbs (I think basil and oregano) on the batter just after they pour it on the crepe griddle. Each savory crepe comes filled with tons of veggies: mushrooms, spinach, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. They are packaged in a pizza slice box.

My coworker was having a bad day so I decided to buy her lunch. I got her the turkey crepe with feta spread and all the veggies, which she said was delicious. I had the sirloin with blue cheese sauce, with all the veggies as well. The sirloin crepe was sort of like a philly cheesesteak in crepe form. Vegetarians have many choices here since each crepe is available with so many already included. They also have Falafel, and two different veggie specials.

The peach and strawberry crepe was good but I couldn’t really taste the caramel. I immediately wished I had gotten the strawberry banana nutella instead. I am also excited about trying some of the cool combos they have like Enzo’s avocado with chicken, avocado, and Greek sauce. All of the gyro combos also sound good, and also the General Tso’s crepe for an Asian twist, or the Chicken chipotle for some Mexican flair.

As for pricing, there isn’t any listed on their menu board. I ended up paying $18 for three crepes and two canned sodas. They also offered me a loyalty card – buy nine crepes, get one free. They didn’t offer this to any of the other people in line, so I’m guessing it’s because I ordered 3 at once. Overall the price is a tiny bit heftier than other trucks nearby, but I would definitely come back to treat myself. I feel like I would need to get one savory and one sweet to feel fully satisfied.  Below are some close-ups of the menu board.

UPDATE: I have been back to the Creperie many times and the prices are $7 for a savory crepe and $6 for a sweet one. Cans of soda are $1 each. Also, I want to amend my review and say a savory crepe is plenty satisfying! It is stuffed full of a ton of veggies and toppings, and I’m not sure if I was just hungry when I originally wrote this review, or if the crepes have gotten bigger!