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This blog is becoming more and more fun, because it makes me stretch beyond my familiar eating habits and branch out to try new things. I have always been scared of jerk chicken, due to the use of scotch bonnets, which have always been way beyond my comfort level of spiciness. But on this day, I decided to be daring.

The little Jamaican cart first drew me in because of a photo of plantains advertised on the side of the cart. I am a sucker for plantains. I had heard the jerk chicken was very good here, so I ordered the platter with rice and beans, and did a side order of mac and cheese. This was of course WAY too much food, but I wanted to sample a few items to get a good feel for it.


Location: On Montgomery in front of Tuttleman, next to the NY Famous Gyro Halal Food

Phone: 215-223-2665

Pay: Cash Only

Cuisine: Jamaican

What I tried: Jamaican Jerk platter with rice and beans, side of mac and cheese

Delivery: No

Website: www.jamaicancook.com

IMG_3749The jerk chicken was just bordering on way too spicy for me. My tolerance is definitely getting better though, because I was able to eat most of the platter and only stopped because I was too full. The chicken was juicy and tender and the plantains were delicious, but the real surprise was the mac and cheese. It was creamy and cheesy and the perfect comfort food. Normally, I don’t expect much from food truck mac n’ cheese, but this was maybe my favorite part of the meal. Dairy is a good palate cleanser for spicy food too, so that’s a bonus. I am excited to try the curry goat, the grilled salmon, and the fried fish. For vegetarians, they even do jerk tofu.

After eating lunch at the Caribbean Feast truck, I looked up their website to find that they also have a restaurant and do catering. Visit their restaurant in North Philly at 1344 Westmoreland Street, at the corner of Broad and Westmoreland, near Temple University Hospital.