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There is no shortage of choices here at E&E Gourmet, where photos of and menu signs surround the entire truck with everything from burgers to wraps to breakfast to rice platters and Middle Eastern selections. One morning, I was not feeling my usual breakfast of oatmeal or yogurt, so I stopped at the truck to check out the omelette choices.


The omelette that caught my eye was the Florentine Pesto, which was described as a spinach and feta omelet with tomatoes and pesto sauce. It was the pesto sauce that really drew me in, I love the herby basil and garlic sauce. I ordered mine with hash browns and was surprised to have toast served with it as well. I asked for mine with no tomatoes and the guy asked if I wanted to substitute red peppers, which I appreciated.

Alas, I was disappointed when I sat down to eat my breakfast and there was not even a hint of pesto in the omelette. The toast was also dry and there was no butter or jam to spread on it. I ended up tossing out most of the toast. The hash browns were tasty although I prefer mine a bit more crispy. Overall, it was a filling breakfast but not amazing by any means.

Other breakfast choices included a ton of sandwiches, french toast, bagel sandwiches, and more. Click on the thumbnails below to see the breakfast specials and platters.

A few days later, I returned to check out lunch options. I was pretty overwhelmed with all the choices, but decided on the Texas burger with onion rings.


I was impressed by the size of the burger, it was not your typical thin frozen patty, it was at least 1/4 lb. of meat. However, it was cooked well done which robbed the burger of all its juiciness. I tend to prefer my burgers medium, but overall the burger had good flavor and the onion rings were a nice complement to the cheddar and barbecue sauce.



Location: On Montgomery between Chicken Heaven and Ernie’s Lunch Truck

Phone: 267-241-9092

Pay: Cash or Credit

Cuisine: American, Middle Eastern, Japanese

What I tried: Florentine Pesto Omelet and Texas Burger with onion rings

Delivery: No



I’d like to go back and try some of the other choices he has available, many of the wraps and sandwiches looked good as well as the teriyaki salmon rice platter. In the case of E&E it is the amount of choices that could keep me coming back. Click below to see some of other lunch choices they offer.