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Alas, we have come to the day when I have to write a negative review. It so pains me to do so, since I love to support local businesses and the people that work there were super nice. Plus, I LOVE BURGERS. But after two visits, I’m just not a fan. 😦 The thing is, there is always a huge line, so I’m truly perplexed.


As you can see, there is snow in this photo. This should tell you how long ago I visited the Burger Tank for the first time. I had to drag myself over there for the second visit, but I wanted to give it a fair chance, especially since during my first visit I was feeling particularly adventurous.


On my first visit, I had the Balsamic Burger. It was a strawberry balsamic burger with spinach, roasted red peppers, and American cheese. Sounded like it could be an interesting combination, if done right. Nope. Done wrong, it is awful. It was like a sweet strawberry jam on it, not a tart-vinegary balsamic jam with a hint of strawberry. Add in the red peppers and you have a really strange flavor combination. On top of that, the burger patty was way overcooked and dry. At least the sweet potato fries were crispy and tasty.

Okay, so maybe strawberries don’t belong in a burger in the first place. Strawberry jam definitely has no place anywhere near a burger. So the second time around, I went a little more traditional and made-my-own.


I ordered the Burger with garlic aioli, cheddar, lettuce, sauteed onions, and pickles, with a side of tater tots. The tater tot portion was enormous! It is a huge, overflowing mound with some tater tots under the burger too! Perfectly crunchy and great, and not bad for just $2.50.

The burger was again super dry. Like Sahara desert dry. Why are they frying up hockey pucks over there? What’s the deal? To be fair, I’m spoiled because my husband is the burger grill master. He cooks them perfectly to medium, and they are juicy and smoky and awesome.

On to the toppings… the garlic aioli. This tasted like a bunch of chopped, raw garlic mixed into mayonnaise. It was even a tad chunky. I mean, I like garlic, but this was even too much for me! The garlic mayo goopy stuff pretty much overpowered any flavors of the other toppings. Thank goodness there was a huge mound of tater tots to fill me up, because I chucked half of the burger in the garbage.

Sorry, Burger Tank. I really wanted to love you. But no. Can someone over there by the art building tell me why the line is so long? Am I missing something? Maybe I need to try the grilled cheese?IMG_3820


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Location: On Norris Street between 12th and 13th streets

Phone: 215-518-1546

Pay: Cash or Credit

Cuisine:  Burgers

What I tried: Balsamic burger with sweet potato fries, Cheddar burger with garlic aioli

Delivery: No