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BBQ chicken pizza and Chicken Taco pizza

This truck really lives up to its hype with creative pizza toppings. My favorite was the taco pizza, a perfect combination of two of my favorite foods. The sauce is some kind of hot sauce, covered with chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. Everything tasted freshly made and the crust was firm and crispy. The slice was considerably smaller than the BBQ chicken pizza, but much thicker with all the toppings. Both slices were perfectly cooked and I was unable to finish the second slice because it was so big. Also super affordable because they have a special of 2 slices with toppings and a soda for $5.50! What a deal!


For my second visit, I decided to try the rolls, which were like sesame topped calzones. I opted for the Chicken Broccoli based on recommendations from others (although every other flavor also sounds amazing!) The roll was much larger than I expected, and oozing with a white garlic cream sauce. Crispy on the outside and filled with cheese, broccoli, and seasoned chicken, I enjoyed every bite! This is going to be another one of my favorite trucks, and I plan to visit more now that the weather has gotten even nicer outside. Very excited to try more from this truck!


Chicken & Broccoli roll

Location: On  12th St between Norris St and Pollett Walk

Phone: 267-242-4737

Pay: Cash Only?

Cuisine:  Pizza

What I tried: BBQ chicken pizza and Chicken Taco pizza, Chicken & Broccoli roll

Delivery: No