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img_5371img_5373Eternally busy, Richie’s Lunch Box serves up American favorites, most notably some fantastic fries. The menu has plenty of choices, including an entire vegetarian menu with veggie burgers and hoagies. Lunch choices include grilled or fried chicken dishes, burgers, fancy grilled cheese, cheesesteaks, and cold sandwiches. For breakfast, fourteen different omelets, egg sandwiches, bagels, and hash browns are served diner-style.

Location: On 12th and Norris in front of the Tyler School of Art

Pay: Cash

Cuisine:  Sandwiches and wraps

What I tried: Chicken wrap with onion rings and buffalo burger with fries

Delivery: No

On the day I interviewed for my current job, I arrived early and decided to grab an egg sandwich here. It was late October and starting to get chilly, so a nice hot breakfast (before being nervous for an hour) seemed appropriate. The sandwich was the perfect size, cheesy and toasty.

It was nearly a year later before I returned for another meal. The combos sign greeted me as I walked up to the big red lunch box. Combo #4, Buffalo Burger and Fries. It was quite busy, so it  took a little while, but the fries were hot and crispy when I ate them back at my office. They were the best fries I have had on campus, seasoned well and crispy, slightly battered to give an extra crunch. Burger was just okay, I think I should just stop trying to eat burgers from food trucks, they always seem to be overcooked.

img_5537img_5538The next visit I had the grilled chicken wrap with onion rings. The wrap was a good size, with juicy grilled chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce, and a light drizzle of ranch dressing. The onion rings were too bready, and barely had an onion flavor. I would return for another meal here and definitely some fries.

Next post, I’ll review my favorite ramen truck on campus. Stay tuned!