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IMG_3840I was chatting with a friend of mine, who brought up the Green Truck as one of his favorites on campus. He said he refused to call it “sexy” but the breakfast egg pitas were excellent, especially when asparagus is in season and the asparagus egg pita was on the menu. I later found out that the Green Truck has a ton of breakfast and lunch items to choose from!

On my first visit, I tried a greek salad, which came with romaine lettuce, feta cheese, olives, cucumber, onion, pita chips, and tomato with a balsamic vinaigrette. The dressing was homemade and the salad was refreshingly healthy. My next visit I had a spinach and feta pita, which was a tad dry but had a nice flavor. My last visit I was feeling a bit more adventurous (and in need of many fried things, apparently) so I tried the Fatty Flounder. This gargantuan sandwich included a fried flounder patty, onion rings, and fried mozzarella with tartar sauce. I had assumed it would have some lettuce or other topping, but nope. It was a bunch of fried things on a long roll. It was tasty but I only finished half of one sandwich! I think next time I’ll opt for the regular flounder sandwich.

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Other items on the menu that caught my eye were the pesto chicken panini, the New York wrap (with breaded chicken and honey mustard), and the asparagus egg pita I heard so much about.

Location: On 13th and Montgomery next to the Gittis Student Center

Phone: 267-269-7173

Pay: Cash Only

Cuisine: American, Greek

What I tried: Spinach and Feta egg pita, greek salad, the Fatty Flounder

Delivery: This truck uses Habitat for their food delivery service. Use the code POSTERLOVE for free delivery.