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Updated review posted here!

There are so many trucks on campus serving very similar food, so it is nice to see something completely different to try. Four Brothers Loco Flavor serves up Puerto Rican favorites such as pastelillos (dough filled with meat), pernil or chicken with rice and beans, and sorullos (corn fritters) served with coffee for breakfast. They also have a nice selection of sandwiches including the roast pork, the Cubano, and the Tripleta which has pork, chicken, and ham.


The Tripleta was by far my favorite thing I tried from this place. It was like a chicken cheesesteak and a Cubano had a baby. Tender roast pork, ham, and chicken breast mixed with peppers and onions, served with provolone and your choice of mayo, hot sauce, or mustard. Tasty and just the right size to fill me up.

img_5595A little less successful was the chicken platter. The chicken was super tender but the edges were a bit chewy and overcooked, like it had been reheated too many times, but it was seasoned nicely and tasted good. They were out of tostones (crispy fried savory plantains) which totally bummed me out, so the platter was served with a “salad.” I use quotes because the salad was only lettuce and tomato, and I don’t eat raw tomatoes so it was basically just lettuce. Doesn’t salad usually imply a mixture of different veggies and greens? The rice was a bit dry, I should have gotten some hot sauce to add some flavor. I know that for next time.

The pastelillos were a little greasy but the meat had a nice flavor and I liked the crunchy edges.

Location: On 12th and Norris Streets

Pay: Cash Only

Cuisine:  Rice plates, sandwiches, breakfast

What I tried: Tripleta sandwich, Chicken platter, Beef pastelillo

Delivery: No

Phone: 267-391-5618

Breakfast items include a scrambled eggs platter with bacon, homefries, and toast; orange juice and many types of flavored coffee; corn muffins.

Four Brothers just opened in the fall, so perhaps they need to iron out a few wrinkles. I enjoyed the food and I will be back to sample some more Latin goodies.